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Backyard Washing

Professional Power Washing In Lee, Collier,   & Charlotte County

About Us

D&G Pressure Washing LLC provides exceptional cleaning services for customers in Lee, Collier, & Charlotte County, Fl. We offer everything from roof and gutter cleaning to moss removal services. We pride ourselves on the quality of our comprehensive cleaning services and our dedication to professional customer service. No matter the state of your residential or commercial property, we guarantee excellence with each of our team’s provisions for your living or work spaces.

Our Services Include

Pressure Washer on Stairs

Our team assists with efficient and affordable soft washing services to restore your residential or commercial property with top-tier cleaning techniques.

Large White House

Exterior painting helps with the routine maintenance of your property, adding fresh coats of paint to enhance the cosmetic appeal of your home or office.

Brick Walls

Pavers sealant assists with the hassle-free restoration of your property with high-quality walkway, driveway, and patio cleaning accommodations. 

Power Washing Bench

D&G Pressure Washing LLC also offers oil and grease cleaning services, keeping your property in Lee, Collier, & Charlotte County, FL, fully restored and safe with each visit. 

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Be the first to leave a review


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Contact us today to learn more about our spotless soft washing, power washing, and building maintenance services for Cape Coral, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Lee, Collier, & Charlotte County, FL

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